Welcome to SSAF Window Films

SSAF window films have launched their new range of window films to help improve both the

comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

SSAF can reduce both your Winter heating costs and your Summer air-conditioning costs by

reducing heat gain and heat loss through the glass.

Most modern building designs incorporate large areas of glazing to give a light, spacious feel.

But, solar heat gain adds significantly to the thermal load of a building, up to 60% during the

peak summer months. This means that in the height of the Summer air-conditioning costs can

be as high as 60% of a buildings total energy costs.

SSAF Supports Lupus disease UK, A disease where the immune system becomes over-active. It is a chronic

disease which affects one or many tissues of the body; skin, joints, muscles, blood vessels, blood cells, brain

and nerves etc. Inflammatory and immune responses account for many of the symptoms observed in lupus.

Please watch the video for a helpful guide on lupus. If you need further information, please visit


SSAF Window Films can help reduce the UV and Sun light in your cars and homes, reducing the risk of Lupus.

Thank You.

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